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Wine and Other Beverage Consumption in America

Ranking world wine consumption by country, the US is certainly no leader. A comparison of the US with Europe reveals a wide disparity in our beverage choices. The statistics are from the Wine Institute.

Monthly Consumption per Capita

Carbonated Soda Pop (12 oz.) 48 10
Coffee (6 oz.) 35 28
Tap Water (12 oz.) 20 82
Beer (12 oz.) 20 12
Milk (12 oz.) 17 15
Fruit & Vegetable Juices (8 oz.) 12 10
Bottled Water (12 oz.) 10 10
Hot or Iced Tea (8 oz.)  9 21
Liquor (2 oz.)  7  8
Powdered or “Sports” Drinks (12 oz.)  6 less than 1
Wine (4 oz.)  5 16

   Although many categories are similar (coffee, milk, juice, bottled water, liquor), Americans drink five times as much soda and nearly twice as much beer. Europeans drink three times as much tea (which, like wine, contains tannins), three times as much wine, and four times as much tap water. [To put this in another perspective, over the course of a year, the average American drinks only 2 gallons of wine, but drinks 20 gallons of coffee and 54 gallons of soft drinks!]
   In fact, we rank #30 in wine consumption among major countries. The situation is even more disparate when factoring in that the vast majority of Americans drink only a glass or two of wine each year, usually during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve.


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