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Wine & Food Affinties

Wine & Food Affinities

Food and wine enhance each other. Unfortunately many people get crazed about serving the "right" wine with their dinner. Although some combinations are generally agreed upon, there are no absolute rights or wrongs. First of all, there are a range of wines that would be appropriate with any dish, just as there are a range of foods that would go well with a particular wine. Second, your taste is much more important than some expert's opinion. If you really like a particular type of wine, go for it. If you really dislike an indicated type, go with something you like. FEEL FREE TO EXPERIMENT! However, you might consider at least trying an indicated type, even if it's not something you would ordinarily drink. Life is full of surprises and the joy of finding a great wine/food synergy is one of the good ones.

The following are basic suggestions, but there are always exceptions. They come from various sources, including personal experience, The Wine Avenger and Robert Parker:

Some Rules Worth Following

General Wine and Food Combinations

Some Specific Wine and Food Combinations

More Information on Wine and Food Pairings

If you have discovered particular wine and food pairings that really work for you, please share them with us: feedback


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